Project Timeline: Between Jun 2016 - May 2018
Over a year ago I was briefed for a virtual app named as Virtual Closet at that time, this app acts as a virtual dresser by allowing users to superimpose different clothing images on a mannequin or on own full body image, and it peaked my interest, Not just because of the nature of the app, but the challenge associated with it of making an app for a larger target audience.

Objective & Purpose
After our first meeting with clients we understood there vision was to create a platform which will help people in styling there day to day wardrobe according to the weather preferences and getting social validation and appreciation on there looks, and also can follow other brands or fashionista's.
Pain points
There was nothing such platform where people could virtually try and buy clothes as well as they could follow there favourite brands.
Lean Canvas of the product
Identifying the aspects of the app and the target audience
Once we were done with all our requirements gathering we realised that there were three major aspects of this products which were :
1.Style your personal wardrobe,   2.Connect with othere people and see what are the latest trends,   3.Try on the looks virtually and buy it.
which lead us to divide the users into two categories : 1.Fashionista  2. Brand

Requirements Gathering
User Flow and Site map
UI and Branding
Fashionista's Persona
Brand's Persona
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