Project Timeline: May 2019 - March 2021
Dineout is a B2C & B2B tech platform for restaurants where users discover, do instant reservations, and avail discounts or cash-backs. We have more than 40 million diners creating $800 million worth of transactions across our network of 50,000 restaurants in 20 cities.
Existence @ Dineout
Design Process • Research • Wireframe • Visual • Documentation
At Dineout I work primarily for B2B products making sure business, product, & tech do not kill the user needs 😁
#1 Pointing towards the right way
Dineout’s focus towards reservations, deals & discounts leads to an unending cycle of homepage & payment flow revamps. To break this cycle, we did a user drop-off analysis & realised the highest drop-offs happened at search around 45%.
Redesigning Search
In Development • 2 Designers • 1 PM • 2 Developers
In Depth "Why" - Data Analysis : 
1. 36% of users go to the search bar from the home page but only 20% make reservations and the rest are dropping off.
2. 50% of users click on recent options from the search bar.
3. Sorting pattern after entering the list page; quick filter, sort by distance, sort by rating, sort by price, buffet, pure veg (these          categorisations weren’t there on the search page).
4. 50% of users are re-entering search out of confusion in a single session.
"To increase the number of process completions by the users, we are working towards a narrowed down search for users & fixing all the broken links"
Process :
Research :
1. User Interviews : We collected user requirements and pain points from past data & field interviews. 
2. Broad Use Cases 
3. Competitive Analysis How are Dineout’s competitors solving this? How are other good discovery tools going around?
Plan Of Action :
1. Redesign category experience.
2. Add quick filters to reduce typing resulting in decreased interaction cost 
3. Add a limit to recent searches.
4. Add autocomplete or auto-suggest.
5. Add nearby restaurant recommendations.
6. Add a limit to recent searches.
Design :
Prototype : Here
The Geeky Stuff :
1. Book References for Research : Search Patterns & Search User Interface
2. Search Patterns For Research : Study 1 ,  Study 2 ,  Study 3 , Study 4
#2 {Right way} x 2
Dineout acquired Torqus - Supply Chain Management System & Inresto - Customer Management Suite and sold their products individually aside from our beta merchant panel. The merchants had to buy these together to gain a full-fledged business panel. This led to multiple requests to merge these panels together. 
And that’s what we are working on 😊
Unified - Yet to be named - Panel
Work In Progress • 2 Designers • 2 PM • 5 Developers

This is an early stage view of the project & all the designs mentioned below might change over the course of time.
Building the Design Components & Style Guides :
Structure - Information Architecture :
Visual Design :
Prototype : Here
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