My name is Isha. I'm a designer who loves to design a lot of stuff but mostly, App User Interfaces. I enjoy finding the most elegant ways to harmonize content with form. Well that’s a fancy way of saying I take text and colors and images and I arrange them in a way that immediately makes sense. 
I am a Noida based Product Designer with a Degree in Animation and multimedia. I have been in creative industry professionally for Six years; I believe that the best products are well-designed inside and out, from the naming of variables and the file architecture to the copywriting and visuals. Everything matters. 
Since my background is in Animation, I have a keen interest in motion graphics as well as Interactions. I love to plan and put interactions in all my products but only if it enhances the affordance of the product over a plain static screen.
I love how a meticulous and a well planned design can make an major impact on society. Basically I'm obsessed with all things creative.

I would love to connect -! 
Thank you,
Have an awesome Geeky day

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