Project Timeline: Between Jun 2016 - May 2018
A Mittcute is that moment in an individual's story when they meet someone new for an activity that both already like or want to try. It’s about creating fun memories or sharing delicious ones with others. Users can try a new activity or find someone who loves that favourite spot as much as they do. Users can make lifelong friendships or momentary connections. Mittcute has created a mini realm of possibility so no matter where people are, no matter who they know, and no matter what they think they know there is to do around town, they get to be surprised and enjoy a nice hangout or a perfect date. The point is to meet up and enjoy that activity together!

App Link:  Mittcute
First Step
After our meeting with the client, we started the process of requirement gathering, which made us to move from classified models to a more categorised approach.
while our research we got to know that we had to create a platform where strangers could meet and can share some common interests.
Requirement gathering and lean canvas
User Flow & Wire-framing
Interface and Visuals
Thank You
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